6 Modules  6 Months  
May 2019 - November 2019

This 300 hour Yoga Alliance certified training is designed for those who thirst to immerse themselves in a uniquely different teacher training experience.  This training is one that dives into the importance of self-discovery, the mythology at the heart of yoga, and strengthens your understanding of the anatomy of both the physical and energetic body. Additionally, you will gain the tools to safely sequence creative classes and dive into the modern business of yoga.  Full of guest speakers and uniquely different workshops, this is a training that will give you the tools needed to support the growth and expansion of your teaching career. 


This immersive experience is broken up into 6 modules, each with a different focus.  The curriculum builds upon itself and is meant to be taken sequentially, however, the modules do stand alone and can be taken individually.


*Please Note: You will only be eligible for the Yoga Alliance 300-hour certification upon completion of all 6 modules.


Sample Day 


Opening Sadhana



Teaching Practicum 



Q & A

Closing Sadhana


*Schedule varies per module and is subject to changes

Module 1, May 15 - 24  A Journey to Self

To study Yoga is to anchor oneself to their true nature.



  • Yoga Modern and Historical - 5,000 year journey

  • Unpack the Personal Practice

  • Dive into Mantra, Mudra & Pranayama

  • Meditation, simplify, apply and make it your own

  • Deeper dive into yogic philosophy


Module 2, June 19 - 28 Essential Anatomy for Teaching

Switch the anatomical focus to the direct experience of anatomy, rather then focusing  solely on terms, drawings and photos of anatomy



  • Yoga Anatomy for stronger teaching

  • Functional Anatomy, how to teach with every-body in mind

  • Learn to see and understand bodies

  • Language that connects to your audience and empowers vs. separates

  • Understanding the relationship between the parts of the body

  • Safe teaching practices that keep the body and its distribution of force & stress in mind


Module 3, July 17 - 26  Connecting the Physical Body and the Energetic Body

Exploring the anatomy of the physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies as one



  • Considering the body as an integrated whole

  • Over-active, under-active and balanced (sattvic) tendencies of each chakra

  • Asanas, foods, mudras & seed mantras for each chakra

  • Metaphors and symbols of the body in classical Indian mythology


Module 4, Aug 21 - 30 The Metaphors and Mythology at the Heart of Yoga

Bring the ethical practices, breath, meditation and physical postures to life through an exploration of the metaphors and mythology at the heart of yoga   



  • Unpacking the metaphorical body

  • Explore the metaphoric links between yoga and myth

  • Amplify your teaching using themes and incorporating the mythopoetic realm

  • Deities as archetypes

  • Hindu pantheon


Module 5, Sep 25 - Oct 4 Sequencing

Connect to your teaching and share it through creative thoughtful sequencing



  • How to grow your students

  • Keep your crowd interested

  • Safe sequencing practices

  • Tap into your creativity

  • Workshops, retreats and intensives

  • Sequencing feedback  


Module 6, Nov 6 - 15 Beyond the Studio

Uncover your Dharma, design your ideal vision and implement a strategy to achieve it



  • Connect to your Dharma

  • Navigate social media with wisdom, grace and efficacy

  • Identify your niche market and ideal client

  • Realize your vision

  • External and internal tools for success

Why this 300 hour? This training has been lovingly curated by your instructor, Rebekah, with your personal growth in mind.  It combines much of what she has found valuable in various trainings over the course of her journey. Rebekah created the 300 hour training she wishes she could have found. The workshops are unique, exciting and meant to awaken your hunger for knowledge, passion for teaching, and desire for life.  You’ll be encouraged to create your own unique rituals and tap into your creativity while adding depth and expertise to your teachings. Additionally, you will be given the space to begin weaving your discoveries into your teachings with the support and feedback needed to nourish your growth. 

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